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I am a lady who enjoys giving erotic naturist massages in Kent -a specialist Lingam Massage, Kent, UK.

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Testimonial Page about Your Erotic Massage Session

I thought comments from people who have seen me might be a good addition to the site.  Leave your comments here if you have visited me for a Lingam Massage. So far there are 3 replies from people who have actually visited me.


  1. I will start the ball rolling by coping and pasting from an email sent to me recently by a client.
    he sent this the day after his first visit to me:

    "... It was really so much better than I thought it ever could be.

    It has left me so relaxed but also, heightened (I'm sure you know what I mean).

    Thank you seems inadequate.."

  2. Wow! that is amazing, never I have experienced that and completely unheard of in all of the previous massages I had. So, I am really looking forward to this incredible massage and the incredible person who does this.

  3. Fantastic.

    After being very apprehensive I realised I had a made a mistake in leaving it so long to visit Deb.

    I am very self concious and have little confidence in my body. Deb made me feel like a man again.

    Wot a lovely lady and a fantastic massage.

    Three hours later I'm still shaking (in a good way).

    Best value for money I have ever had.

    Definitely will be coming back for more. Please!!!!

  4. A Wonderful 2 hours spent with a lady who made me feel very special from the moment I walked in!
    A fantastic massage and so glad I was able to find her.
    Will return in the not too distant future.

  5. An amazing massage with Deb this morning - I have ever experienced anything like this before - 90 minutes just flew by with sensations that are impossible to describe and equally impossible to conceive of how Deb achieves them - cannot recommend too highly - I'll be back as soon as my diary permits!

  6. As I said - as soon as my diary permitted and it did on Friday. Having had an amazing time with a 90 minute massage I went for the max yesterday with a full two hour equal status massage. This was perfect in every way - very highly recommended - the Rolls Royce of experiences. Don't think about it any more - send Deb an e-mail today and book the experience of your life!

  7. No one has left a comment here for ages, but I am still busy doing the same thing with happy customers.
    So here is what recent clients have sent to me personally:
    "that was one of the most enjoyable massages I have every experienced....Thank you for a wonderful 2 hours."
    And from someone else:
    It was wonderful to see you today and I would love to visit again."

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