This blog is written by a lady who enjoys providing Erotic Naturist Massages in Kent

I am a lady who enjoys giving erotic naturist massages in Kent -a specialist Lingam Massage, Kent, UK.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Genuine Lingam Massage in Kent

Search "lingam Massage" and you will find controversy and debate as to what it involves although there is no doubt it is a massage of the penis (by definition).  Many wrap it up in spirituality, that is the definition, not the penis! 

There are discussions about it as a health treatment, about certain moves, about the use of herbs.  Depending what you read it sounds very clinical, very complicated, or the practise of strange religions, perhaps cults.  

Then there are the very sexy young escorts who mention lingam massage as part of a long menu of services, pick'n'mix style.

That is why I have gone to great lengths to tell my clients what to expect in my hand, through this blog and my website :

I would describe my session as whole body pampering. The experience will be many things including relaxing, erotic, refreshing.  The client lays back to enjoy a whole body massage.  There is a neutral, natural oil used, no herbs, no chemicals, no lotion.

There is no religion or spirituality added on to my session - the setting is very neutral.  My clients may find & enjoy a spiritual experience, however, due to lengthened stimulation of the senses, which should leave you contented and glad to be alive!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Uk Lingam Massage You Tube Channel

I have just set up a new you tube channel.  Which set me thinking about the sort of short films I could make for you tube - don't hurry off over there I haven't up loaded any clips yet. Perhaps future film clips of erotic massage and Lingam massage taking place in the garden of England just may be something to look forward to in the future.  I will let you know so watch this space.

I set up the channel so I could comment on a clip by my web-designer.  She was commenting on words like "record-player" reveal that she is a golden oldie.

I'm not too keen on the modern lingo that some people use in text and emails. Some of the  three-letter acronyms, however, are very useful, BTW!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Erotic Naturist Massage in Kent

You can forget the cold Kent weather! I am turning the heating up for the next few weeks so my clients should still feel nice and warm as they lay naked  on the massage table.  There is no place for clothes, towels and blankets when you have an erotic Lingam Massage.

I am getting lots of enquiries for later in the day, but my day starts early and ends at 4pm.  Clients must arrive before 2pm.
Those wanting an evening out call will need to give me plenty of notice.

And or those thinking of contacting me. BTW. I don't do text messaging. You need to phone, ideally before 12 noon or email me.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Is a Lingam Massage the Same as a Naturist Massage?

For a naturist massage you are completely naked and the masseuse might also be fully nude. A naturist massage, however, might not include the genitals. A lingam massage, by definition will include the penis in a big way!

For a lingam massage the man is going to be naked, he just might be covered up a little by towels if the room is a bit chilly.  At my place the heating works really well and we will both be really comfortable with nothing on - even in the coldest months and freezing outside temperatures - but extra covers are there just in case.  
When the massage is over some clients may like to lie back and rest which is best done under a blanket.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Looking for an Erotic Massage in Kent, UK?

There are no shortage of ladies (and a few men) who advertise something like this so my naturist Lingam massage is only one of many different options.

Some people the erotic can be code for sexy lingerie and/or full sex, or something more kinky.  That's all fine but not what I offer.

The erotic that I can provide is a feast for the senses. It is total relaxation, lie back and let it happen. Music, smell, feel touched all over.  Feel that these feelings could go on for ever. Feel unhurried.  The slowest and most gentle caressing of your penis ever.  Experience heightened arousal, all over your body.  Forget about the time.

Just lie there. No list of sexual positions to work through, nothing to accomplish.

All you need to decide is whether you would prefer Me to be clothed or naked like you.
Full details of what to expect are on my website, where you can also see several photos of me:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Do Men Keep Their Eyes Shut When They Have an Erotic Massage?

Most of my clients keep their eyes closed most of the time. I can't comment on what goes on in other places.

Someone asked me this question the other day. He himself liked to keep his eyes shut and wondered about other men.

Not only do they usually have their eyes shut this man said he thought it would be difficult to keep them open.  I had to agree. When you are laying down. Feeling totally relaxed but having your senses stimulated, music, smell, touch.  They feeling on the surface of your skin and deep inside your body.

My clients have told me that it feels magical because it seems that I must have more than two hands and extremely long arms as I seem to touch their body in so many different places and they are not aware that I am moving around them.

My most recent client confirmed he experienced that sense of sensual arousal moving all over his body as my hands moved from touching his penis to, perhaps, his feet or his chest, his knee, or his neck.

Best of all the heightened arousal that you experience should last and go with you, it can be re-awakened later for your enjoyment alone or with your partner that same evening.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Why I don't do a One Hour Lingam Massage

As my shortest Lingam massage session is 90 minutes, I was asked today if I could do a shorter session.  You know I have thought about this before and the answer is no. You and I really need to allow 90 minutes and there is the narrowest possibility that if we are really efficient we could be all done in 79!

60 minutes minutes would really be too much of a rush and in fact a session which has you in and out in 60 minutes or less is quite a different service and it is just not what I am aiming for.

I know some men are really pushed for time and would like to fit in a visit to me in their busy day BUT the whole point about what I do requires that you make more time.

If you do not want to spend time relaxing and enjoying a full body massage then I am not the right person for what you are looking for.  There are lots of women who offer sexual services for men in a hurry and one of those ladies might be more suitable. Good luck!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Testimonial Page about Your Erotic Massage Session

I thought comments from people who have seen me might be a good addition to the site.  Leave your comments here if you have visited me for a Lingam Massage. So far there are 3 replies from people who have actually visited me.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Steve's Best Orgasm - Ever

How I enjoyed my first day back to work, after an extra long Christmas break.
 I'll bet there's not many people say that.
 But then there's not many people with a job like mine.
Being a lingam massage practitioner is a quite unique and very enjoyable way to make a living.

Take today, for example, Steve seemed to freeze with an orgasm taking over his whole body - or was it cramp in his foot? Well, it was followed by a period of rest and purring contentment. After much more stroking Steve really was ready for a finale.  His body shock and trembled. He told me it was possibly the best orgasm he had ever experienced, or at least the best he could remember...

I think that is due to taking time, involving the whole body, and taking time.  Did I say that already. Two hours later Steve left as a very happy man.  And I rather suspect he is also going to be in the mood for enjoying some great sex later tonight.