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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Do Men Keep Their Eyes Shut When They Have an Erotic Massage?

Most of my clients keep their eyes closed most of the time. I can't comment on what goes on in other places.

Someone asked me this question the other day. He himself liked to keep his eyes shut and wondered about other men.

Not only do they usually have their eyes shut this man said he thought it would be difficult to keep them open.  I had to agree. When you are laying down. Feeling totally relaxed but having your senses stimulated, music, smell, touch.  They feeling on the surface of your skin and deep inside your body.

My clients have told me that it feels magical because it seems that I must have more than two hands and extremely long arms as I seem to touch their body in so many different places and they are not aware that I am moving around them.

My most recent client confirmed he experienced that sense of sensual arousal moving all over his body as my hands moved from touching his penis to, perhaps, his feet or his chest, his knee, or his neck.

Best of all the heightened arousal that you experience should last and go with you, it can be re-awakened later for your enjoyment alone or with your partner that same evening.

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