This blog is written by a lady who enjoys providing Erotic Naturist Massages in Kent

I am a lady who enjoys giving erotic naturist massages in Kent -a specialist Lingam Massage, Kent, UK.

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I reply to all my emails. If you do not receive a reply from me please check your spam or it may be lost in the world of wifi....
I answer the phone Mon-Fri at about 9am.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WHY I didn't reply to your email request for a lingam Massage booking

Actually I reply to all genuine email enquiries but have found some problems:
if you email me from a BT internet account when i reply they redirect it to your Yahoo email.  As BT & yahoo are the same company, problem, of course, you might not even know about or use your yahoo email.

Other people may find my replies go into spam.

I do check and reply throughout the day and normally every morning before 8am. Excluding holidays.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Last minute cancellations for erotic massage appointment

It does happen so although I am not available at all on Friday I suddenly find myself free all day on Thursday so it is always worth phoning or emailing on the off chance that there is a same day session free.

And as it is June, the start of summer, I have, of course, been putting the central heating on to keep the room warm for the men. Lying cold and naked in exceptional June weather is not a great feeling for a lingam massage session.  So I am trying to create something sensual, warm and cosy.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Full body Orgasm

A few days ago one of my most satisfied customers insisted I should tell you that he experienced an amazing, prolonged orgasm all over his body.  He was trembling all over, for ages.

I told him he could leave his own comments but he wanted me to tell you.  But being typically English and modest, I can't promise to make the ground move for everyone.

I do find every client is different.  So your experience of the sensual lingam massage will depend on all that has gone before, in your life, to bring you to this point.