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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Increase Stamina and Lingam Massage

Clients sometimes ask about if or how a Lingam Massage could increase their sexual stamina.

Sometimes I am a bit vague with my answer saying I can't guarantee anything it is down to them - which is true but not very helpful.  Sorry about that.

So I thought I should pull some useful advice together - perhaps in preparation for my planned revamped website...

There are lots of good stuff already on the www so let me start by giving you some links to what I think are good advice:

A good place to start is always wikipedia is here is the article on premature ejaculation.  In relation to the wiki article the process I am using is the Stop Start refinement to the Masters and Johnson approach.

Have a look at these:

How to Last Longer: by M Okan

When you read around you will see there are different top tips according to who you talk to and that is why I am giving you the links.  things I think are less important and that I wouldn't even mention might be exactly what you need, we are all different.

In my opinion (and it is just that) I think some of the top things are:

  • stop worrying about cuming too soon!
  • Try not to have an agenda when enjoying sensual touch (sex)
  • Turn off your mind - we often have internal monologues going on - try to switch it off
  • Practice thinking about something else - when I am touching your penis think about what is going on in your feet at the moment, or think about the smell in the room, or the sound of the music - I deliberately have interesting stimulating music that can be both complimentary or distracting to the lingam massage.
  • Don't be afraid to speak to me and tell me to stop and touch some where else, sometimes I do not realise me clients are over the edge of no return!

Lets talk about Breathing and Ritual to Increase sexual stamina!

Almost every book and article on the subject will talk about breathing including those I have linked to.
Tarkovsky describes a certain way of breathing.  If this works for you fine. Personally I do not think it has to be done in this way, I think the point of the ritual is two fold:

  1. it makes you focus your thoughts on the breathing and away from other matters in hand!  
  2. it ensures you bring plenty of oxygen in to your body (chances are you may be holding your breath or taking shallow breaths without realising.

Therefore, I think any process that makes you think about breathing deeply, rhythmically will work.
Breathing helps you to relax.
When we train in massage we learn that if you tell someone to relax they will instantly tense up - we don't know what that means, if we tell people t think about there breathing (and perhaps pace it with them) this relaxes them without them even realising.

Let me know what you think and send me links to other articles.  If you leave a message on this blog it is not published instantly, it is moderated. You can email me at


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