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Friday, 21 March 2014

99% nice guys, 1% lecherous creeps

If you have read my website but never visited me it may be very hard for you to understand how just a tiny minority of clients are annoying and seem like lecherous creeps.  Surely every session is the same, what is it that those men do that is different.

Well most men come to enjoy what I have to offer.  This minority come with their own agenda not wanting to understand or try the experience offered.

There is a pattern of behaviour and conversation that takes place with certain men, they obviously think it is normal but it is not.

For example, their eyes are open most of the session looking at me, not just looking (of course normal people will have their eyes open sometimes, we will chat and make eye contact) but starring in a lecherous way?  And they even make many comments about looking at me.

Another thing will be - the conversation, it is not the subject of the comments themselves but the way they are said and the many times they say the same thing: e.g. my appearance and that my clients must want to touch me.
No it is not normal to make many comments along these lines and my silence is because I have no POLITE reply to give you.

Another thing will be - instead of relaxing to enjoy the mystery of what will happen and experience the feelings of touch on their skin they stay totally alert and perhaps trying to control what is happening.  Remember, for most people this session is about experiencing with ALL the senses, especially making the most of touch and imagination.
I would conclude, therefore, that their experience of the session is totally different to the majority who float out of here after having a sensational experience.

It really is their loss.  My service is explained on the website and is very expensive, I expect these men would be better served by some other service provider.

This behaviour really could make a women uncomfortable:
I am approaching 50 years of age and have done this job for more years than you can imagine so I refuse to feel uncomfortable - instead I'm distracted from my job and annoyed.

So what do I do? Should I say Something?
As a professional I treat all clients with the greatest respect and I say nothing.  I have cut 2 hour sessions short to 90 minutes and refunded the £30.  I have smiled as they left and made a note to never accept another appointment from that person, at least one has tried to book again.
I do not ever point out that their behaviour is creepy, strange or annoying because they have paid a great deal of money to visit me, maybe they are leaving on a high so I do not want to spoil that for them.
I am sure clients who understand the service and relax to enjoy what is really on offer here have a far better time.

What about Men With Real Problems Relating to People?

I do see clients with real problems, communication and relating to people, difficulties talking to women, low self esteem, issues with body image and embarrassed about their sexual performance.
These clients are welcome - I see many men like this, they are in a completely different category to the creepy letch I discuss above.

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