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Friday, 28 February 2014

I had to cancel a Lingam Massage Appointment the other day...

... no I wasn't ill, my house wasn't flooded or blown away and I didn't just fancy doing something else.

I just had a feeling this was not going to work out well for either of us.  I don't need to put myself through 2 hours with someone I don't like just for money, I'm really not that hard up.
The man doesn't realise it but I also did him a favour because the service I offer is probably not right for him.

Years of experience of life has given me this insight.  Most of my appointments are booked through the exchange of emails, this works well.  Most people ask reasonable questions if they have any at all (my website does explain most things) and seem very pleasant.

Just a few make comments that make me wonder if my service is right for them, have they even read the website?

After an exchange of emails with the man in question the final straw was when he called me hun.
Now it may seem trivial to you but I simply do not see people who call me hun or babe.
It is language they have chosen to use and it tells me enough about them to tell me that I do not want to spend my time with them.

I'm sure it would not occur to the vast majority of men, and certainly the men who visit me, to call a woman "hun" when you have never met her and you are hoping to receive a professional service from her.

It just seems rude so how discourteous will he be if I meet him in person?

I did, of course, write about this not so long ago.

My regular and frequent visitors may well wonder who is this stroppy woman writing this blog, not the friendly massage lady they know.  I'm fairly easy going and friendly most of the time and I enjoy a chat and even a little banter but I hope you all feel I treat you with dignity and respect as well as respecting your confidentiality and I feel you do the same.

I really like my clients and there is not one man, who I have seen more than once, who I wouldn't look forward to seeing again.

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