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Friday, 3 January 2014

Why it is difficult to book a massage by text message

Mostly I don't reply to text messages and for good reason: because my phone is turned off.
I can't be on stand-by to deal with enquiries 24/7, who does work like that?

When I turn my phone on there will be various messages such as:
"Where are you"
That is easy to answer.

"How much do you charge for an hour?"
Me thinks see my website, I don't offer an hour, it is not enough time.  My website is online 24/7 to answer queries like this.

"Are you working today?"
Well, I might be working but as I only do one or two sessions daily I may well be fully booked up so what the question should say is,
"Are you available for a booking today."
Not simple to answer, however, as I have to check the date the message was sent.

It seems most people have unrealistic expectations with regards to text messages - they expect an instant reply.  As my phone is actually turned off most of the time my reply may arrive 24-48 hours later (if at all - mostly I delete with out reading them, for good reason, I explain below).

When I reply to a message the reply I then receive is a question: 
"Who are you."

There is no point in me replying to text messages as the people who send then do not even remember who I am or why they contacted me!  
They must imagine I have nothing to do but tap out instant replies to their queries.  Most of the queries would be answered if they called and listened to my voice message or if they read my website.

They would probably get a faster and more comprehensive reply if they emailed me.  Call me old fashioned, or just call me old, I am of such a great age that I do not have text messages and emails in harmony on the same device.  I like my little computer and usually reply to emails fairly swiftly.

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