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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


​For me (and perhaps my clients) the things that I can't relate to on many websites about tantric massage are the comments about
  • Chakras
  • Spiritualism
  • Cosmic energy
  • Goddesses
and that sort of thing.  I know some would say tantric practise is fundamentally a philosophy that incorporates some elements of those things.  They talk about energy but not in the way that I would use this word.
There is a huge gulf.  
I am an English woman and my beliefs are fundamentally secular and science based, perhaps reflecting my culture.  Energy is something that I was taught in physics lessons and is all about the movements of atoms (from what I remember).  
If the philosophy and language of the spiritual approach appeal to you that is fine - it depends what you are looking for.  I believe the experience you can have in a session without the religious esoteric baggage can be equally as good.  In fact, people with strong views on these things can be completely turned of by the spiritual language.  Please do not introduce me a Goddess!  
You have such wonderful feelings in and after a tantric session and the reason can be explained with modern science (if you need a reason).  
You can achieve the experience with or without bringing a philosophy or religious dogma to the table.  Let me know if you would like more on the scientific approach to tantric massage.... 


  1. Well I might be interested. Usually though, when someone mentions 'secular and scientific' to me, I tend to think... "Oh, no... here it comes....". Some long dry as dust piece of reductionist , mechanistic ... etc. where any mystery disappears.

    There is a reason why, for example, people like chakras, or say Astrology.. And it's part of the same reason why your photos on here convey the impression of ' naughty and nice '. So although you're holding the physiology book, on its own that isn't enough. Or perhaps I've misunderstood.

    Over to you.

  2. Mystery, the unknown, what will happen...
    These are elements of the spiritual approach and are an aspect of many things that are enjoyable in life.
    The thing is, as individually we do not need to know how things work to enjoy them (the radio is still a great mystery to me but I'm glad it works). Personally I do think there are scientific reasons why our bodies and minds experience sensations as they do - even when we don't understand it.
    Not knowing something is exciting.
    That is why so much excitement happens in the dark (ghost trains, horror films, night clubs) when a sense we normally rely on so heavily is temporarily put on hold.